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Hope Christian Church seeks used books for fundraiser

Want to get rid of your used books? We are raising money through donations of new and used books, CDs, DVDs, records and audio books. We have a drop-off donation container to collect these items from community members who’d like to repurpose their used goods while also helping the church raise money. The group will be paid on an ongoing basis for all items collected in their donation container. The gray book donation container, distinguished by its purple and yellow ‘Got Books?’ signs, is located in the parking lot of the church at 211 Montowese Avenue, North Haven. This program is an ongoing fundraiser and donations can be made by the public at any time. All funds raised through the collection of these donations will benefit An organization whose goal is to provide disabled individuals around the United States or their families with a summer camp.  Your donations help sponsor individuals who would not be able to attend without your help!

For more information contact call (203) 234-7328


About ‘Got Books?’

Got Books is a used book seller and professional fundraiser dedicated to keeping books out of the trash. Got Books raises money for hundreds of local charities and nonprofit groups through their book collection fundraising program. Got Books also serves the local community by collecting used books and media through both their free home pick-up service and their more than 350 book donation bins placed throughout New England.


We recently added a new Box:

Hope Clothes Box

We accept clothes, old cell phones and shoes.

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