What Can I Expect?

Hope Christian Church is a relaxed place, that you feel like you belong, you feel like you’ve just come HOME!

Beginning at 9:15 am we have on a fresh pot of coffee, some refreshments and fellowship. We encourage people to make friends and share life. “Doing Life Together.

Sing/Worship: We spend the first part of our service in worship. We sing, worship, some people dance. It our special weekly time that we set aside to worship our Lord and Savior. We have so much to be thankful for, this is the time we stop everything else and worship the one who has given us new life.

Welcome: One our leaders will take time to welcome our regulars, our first time guests and share a few items from the bulletin to make sure everyone is aware of the weekly events.

Offering: Then we receive an offering, which is part of our worship. Our offering is what helps to maintain our church, electric, heat, etc it also is how our Pastor receives his Salary. We believe that God has instructed us that a tenth of our income belongs first to him. We also have missionaries that we help to support on a monthly basis. We receive a special mission offering once a month.

Message: Our pastor will give a 40 to 50 minute inspiring message from the Holy Bible. We pray each week that people will hear the truth and walk in newness of life.

We try to be very sensitive to those who need special prayer. .We are aware that people come from many situations and backgrounds. We believe that God will make a way, no matter how difficult the situation.

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